Access our cash buyer network.  Get your best cash deal.

No matter what you’re trying to sell, showing your product to the complete pool of prospective buyers is absolutely critical to get the highest possible price.

Until now, owners seeking cash buyers for their property have been on their own to find suitable prospective buyers.  As a result, they face the difficult task of locating qualified interested cash buyers.  Too often owners only consider a single offer, potentially taking less money for their property in the name of expedience or simplicity.


Recognizing this dilemma, Park Real Estate Investments, LLC has developed the Cash Sale Marketplace  to provide home owners with a venue, which ensures the broad exposure necessary to gauge the true market value of your  property.

Using your sale criteria, in combination with house and community characteristics, we can market your property to suitable cash buyers within our network.

We get your property in front of multiple cash buyers, potentially providing you with multiple offers, without loosing time.


First, read through the materials provided in the Quick Cash Sale section and run the Home Sale Options Analysis.  The information provided by the Options Analysis forms the basis for evaluating your property and situation and for determining the best route for it’s sale.

Once the Options Analysis is completed, you will be contacted by one of our real estate professionals to discuss the cash sale alternative, relative to other sale options.

If you choose to proceed, we will work with you to prepare a marketing piece and, with your approval, distribute to our cash buyer network.  You will be responsible for interfacing with interested buyers, from initial contact through closing.

The fee for engaging cash home buyers within your community, assuring market visibility and increasing the likelihood of receiving the highest and best cash offer is 1% of the sale price (gross offer), paid at closing.

You also have the option of requesting additional professional support during the sale process from a local real estate professional.  Charges and payment terms will be negotiated with the local agent.


Certainly, the cash sale is an attractive alternative for many home owners.  The place to begin is to run the Home Sale Options Analysis to compare currently available sale alternatives.  If the cash sale option meets your requirements, then we can market it through our Cash Sale Marketplace, providing exposure to the cash home buyer community.

If, after running the Analysis, you determine that one of the other sale options is more suitable, then we can also service that approach.


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