The Report

You receive immediate results from the Home Sale Options Analysis providing detailed information for each home sale option evaluated by the model. You can also modify your input and rerun the model to refine your analysis.

Report Includes:

Net Payout

Approximate Cost

Typical Timeframes

Advantages & Disadvantages

of each options with a comparison to your situation.
After You Receive Your Model Results, We Will Provide:


Consultation to discuss Model results to assist in developing your


Resources for plan implementation.

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Home Sale Options Model

The Home Sale Options Model (Model) is a spinoff the Park REI computational and decision models which we use to evaluate investment property for purchase, adapted for use by home owners.

House Market Value

Using the property address, the professional staff at Park REI establish target prices, based upon recent baseline, mid-level, and top-end sales of comparable properties.

Repair and Renovation Cost Estimates

The Model combines quantitative information (e.g., house size in square feet) with your assessment of the condition of a list of house components (e.g., condition of interior walls) using current national average repair and renovation costs (Gordian Contractor’s Pricing Guide – Residential Repair and Renovation) to provide an estimate of repair and renovation based upon current conditions.

The Model also enables computation of home improvement costs necessary to bring the house to a condition suitable for marketing at a higher price point. This is a great tool for determining whether specific investments will generate a positive net return.

Model Sale Options

Options explicitly considered are:

  • Cash Sale
  • Traditional agent representation and MLS listing
  • Reduced commission and flat fee representation (several variations)
  • Owner direct sale (For Sale By Owner or FSBO)


The Model report provides the quantitative results of the application of the model to the owner’s situation, including net payout and itemized expected costs. The Model also provides an assessment of the owner’s capabilities, constraints and general situation in comparison to the Model Sale Option characteristics.


Sale Optimization

Save Model input and results and modify key input to refine your optimum home sale strategy.