Park Real Estate Investments, LLC (Company) and it’s Affiliate Agents (Affiliate)*, work with each property owner to find their best option for selling their property.  This involves working one-on-one with each owner to identify their priorities and objectives, as well as constraints, and integrate everything into a sale plan which is right for them.

Property owners work with Affiliate Agents to establish the sale plan, along with fees and commission rates.  The fees and commission rates provided here are to provide a framework for that discussion.

All fees and commission are negotiated directly with the Affiliate Agent.


The options evaluated by the Home Sale Options Analysis (Model) are not fixed – take it or leave it – choices.  Rather, they are a set of methods for selling a residential property (house) available in today’s marketplace.  The options are provided as a means of showing relative implications in dollar terms, along with qualitative implications, e.g., seller involvement, for each.

Cash Sale

Marketing for Cash Sale

The Company will prepare marketing materials (with owner input and approval) and distribute through it’s Cash Sale Marketplace.

Owner will interface with prospective buyers and manage all aspects of the sale without Company representation.

Price: 1.0 % of the sale price.

There is a $500 cost recovery charge if the Company provides a buyer who presents a cash offer meeting the Owner’s acceptance criteria, which the Owner does not accept.

Optional Ala Carte Representation

The Company Affiliate operating in the community will provide agency representation, including responding to buyer inquiries and providing interface with cash buyers, coordinating and/or participating in buyer-contractor evaluations and participating in contract negotiations through closing.

Affiliate and owner establish the commission paid to the Affiliate with successful sale.  This value may range from 1.0 % to 2.0 % of sale price, depending upon services provided.  The commission is paid at closing.

Listing on Local MLS

The Model evaluates a wide range of currently available owner options for listing and selling with a licensed real estate agent on the “traditional” market (MLS).

MLS Traditional Representation and Commission

Full service traditional representation is available to owners who choose to sell via the local MLS.  Under this option you agree to pay both seller and buyer agent commissions, which you establish with the Affiliate, on the listing agreement.

Company recommended commission rate for full service seller representation is 3% of the sale price.   This recommended value is open to negotiation with the Affiliate.

MLS Flat Fee with Reduced Representation

The flat fee representation provides minimal service as the base price, with additional standard services provided ala carte.  The reduced representation must be compliant with local MLS requirements.

Base Fee $500  (Non-refundable)


  • Post on local MLS (professional pictures and staging, extra)
  • Provide yard sign
  • Provision of required disclosures

Seller Responsibilities

  • Completion of all disclosures and other seller-required sale documents
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Manage access
  • Work with the buyer’s agent (interface for purchase offer and other documents)
  • Interface with closing attorney or title company representative

Additional Support Services

Seller and Affiliate can negotiate fees on an ala carte basis, for example:

  • Assistance with preparation of disclosures.
    Recommended Fee        $100.
  • Reviewing Offer to Purchase (OTP) documents and buyer proposals.
    Recommended Fee        $250 per OTP
  • Providing guidance on negotiating (e.g., price and repairs).
    Recommended Fee        $250 per OTP

For all flat fee services, payment is due when service is rendered.

Fees do not include time spent onsite.

Fees do not include travel time or mileage.

Billing and mileage rate are set by the Affiliate.  Typical values are

Mileage:              $ 0.50/mile          Distance computed to and from Affiliate office.

Time:                   $100/hr                 Billable to the quarter hour

Travel Time:      $ 100/hr                 Billable to the quarter hour

MLS Reduced Commission Rate

The reduced commission rate is just as it sounds.  The Affiliate will provide full agency representation at a reduced rate.  The representation agreement is applied to all professional services through closing for one OTP and purchase contract.

The Affiliate will negotiate a reduced commission rate, depending upon the circumstances, including:

  • Distance from office
  • Perceived ease or difficulty of sale
  • Condition of house and property
  • Expected price of sale

Base services include full agency representation.

Recommended minimum Fee      1.5 % of sale price.

Additional services and representation.  Negotiable ala carte or as group.

Professional photos for listing presentation         Price + 10%

Staging                 Price + 10 %

                MLS With Full Commission Fee with a Cap and Full Representation

In specific situations it is reasonable to provide full seller representation at the Affiliate base fee, a set commission rate across a range of sale prices, with a not to exceed value.

Suggested base fee:         $3,500   applied to sales equal or less than $150,000

Commission rate:            3% for sales above $150,000

Maximum fee:                  $10,000

Seller representation only.

Owner Managed Sale Support (FSBO)

This FSBO option is limited to selling on the local retail market and does not include a cash sale (investor).

Owners who choose to sell without representation will be provided with basic resources.

Basic Package   

Guide: How To Be Successful with an Owner-Managed Sale        Free.

Supplemental Materials                                Price: $250.00

Market price estimates (low, middle, and high) based upon comparable sales.

General consult.

Additional Services

Available for individual purchase.

Professional photographs.           Price  $ 200.00 (Depending upon local market)

Posting to, with photos and ad copy.                 Price  $250.00

Property-specific evaluation of property for
identification of suggested improvements
and repairs for achieving target sale price.                             Price: $500.00


Consultive support per OTP/Contract                                     Price:  $250.00

Offer to purchase review and consult.

Inspection report review and consult.

Issue resolution consult.

Payment is due when services are offered.

*An Affiliate Agent is a licensed real estate agent representing the Owner under a referral agreement with the Company.